About Us

SAICE Transport Engineering Division’s overall purpose is the advancement of Traffic and Transportation engineering in South Africa aligned to current best practice in the field. The Division’s aim is to promote the study, knowledge and application of engineering dealing with sustainable planning, design and operation of public transportation, highways, roads and streets, their networks, terminals, abutting land and ensuring integration between all modes of transportation. The Division is the professional home of Traffic and Transportation Engineers, Technicians, and Technologists. In line with our new strategic objectives, the division has refined its goals as follows:

Strategic objectives:

Our revised strategic objectives aim to focus on:

These goals will be achieved through the following key focus areas:

Collaboration – With major industry role players: SAICE, SARF, SATC, ITSSA, academic institutions, relevant public entities etc.

Efficiency – To have standard operating procedures and business planning.

Diversity – Through technical knowledge, across all gender, race and age groups, as well as public and private sectors.

Communication – Standard marketing collateral and more relevant communications channels.

Overall the division strives to promote all modes of transportation in a responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.