Progress Towards Shaping Net Zero Lecture

ICE President Rachel Skinner provides insight into the progress that has been made during the first half of her Presidential year in the campaign towards Shaping Zero. A robust discussion on the way the world is changing, and the responsibility of all engineers to make a difference. 

SAICE Transport Division's Chairperson, Friedrich Slabbert, participated as a panelist, providing insight on Shaping Net Zero in South Africa.

UKZN SAICE Student Chapter Webinar Series on All Things Transport

The SAICE Transport Division in association with the University of KwaZulu-Natal SAICE Student Chapter will be hosting a webinar series to discuss traffic and transport engineering, a career in the field and what is happening within the South African Transport Industry.

Wits SAICE Student Chapter Webinar on Transport Engineering

SAICE Transport Division in collaboration with the University of the Witwatersrand SAICE Student Chapter, hosted a webinar to discuss what a career in the transport industry entailed. 

CV, Interview and Networking

The SAICE Transport Division in association with SHEngineers and Construct Executive Search held a CV, Interview and Networking Masterclass to guide graduates and young professionals in CV drafting, interview readiness and professional networking.

The recording was unfortunately truncated, however, a report of the event will be published soon.

UJ Civil Student Society Site Visit to the
Johannesburg International Transport Interchange

We facilitated a site visit for the UJ Civil Student Society to the near-complete Johannesburg International Transport Interchange. The Interchange is a mini-bus taxi and bus holding facility for long-distance routes, including interprovincial and cross-border travel. The facility has a holding capacity of 600 mini-bus taxis (21seater) as well as buses and will include small retail shops and food outlets. Fare collection will be done using a ticketing system and slots will be managed using number plate and face recognition software.

Southern African Transport Conference

The annual Southern African Transport Conference is Southern Africa’s premier transport conference, bringing together over 700 transport professionals to discuss, debate and learn about relevant topics relating to the exciting world of transport.

The conference is South Africa’s longest standing transport conference and over the last 38 years it has become an important contributor to and influencer in the national debate about transport in Southern Africa.

Sustainable Transport for a Better World
Interactive Student Event

The topic for this session was “Sustainable Transport for a Better World”. This theme was chosen in line with World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. The Transport industry is a major direct contributor to employment and national and global Gross Domestic Product and therefore has a major role to play in development. However, to ensure sustainable development, the impact of the industry on the environment needs to be reduced and access to safe and reliable transport needs to be increased.

To download the presentation click here.


SAICE Transport Division Chairman’s Award Luncheon

Best Paper Awards - South African Transport Conference


Best Paper Awards - South African Transport Conference

Masterclass on Transport Master Planning


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